Imagine that Daryl was out on a run and finds a Cherokee rose. He picks it and it in his pocket. He forgets about it when he gets back to the prison and changes clothes.

Since Carol was doing laundry that day, she finds it in his pocket along with a note. It read,”Saw this and thought of you.” Truth is, he meant to leave it there.

The Search

I sat on the railing of the highway and watched the weeds. My feet dangled over the edge swinging slightly. Night was falling, but the sunset gave me some light to see. Small tears started to accumulate in my vision making everything look blurry.
The sound of the RV door opening and closing caught my attention. I looked back to see Daryl with a handful of supplies and a paintbrush in his mouth. I have him a confused look as he set the objects on the hood of the tan car.

Daryl glanced up at me as he took the brush out of his mouth. “I got her some stuff,” he sighed as he scratched the back of his head. I gave him a grateful smile that immediately went straight again and turned back to the weeds.

"What ya want it to say?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders without looking at him. I heard him let out a sigh before starting his work. The click of plastic hitting each other sounded out. I looked over my shoulder to see him squirting white paint on the hood of the car next to the supplies. He dabbed the thick brush in the liquid and placed it against the windshield.

I watched as he stuck out and bit his visible tongue in concentration to get the sign as perfect as he could. It seemed like he was trying to get out of his comfort zone to write neatly instead of what he normally writes.

Daryl went back for more paint once he finished a letter and half. I’m guessing he was writing her name. “S. O. P. H. I. A,” I confirmed. He glanced back at me and nodded his head understanding what I said. Before he went back to work, he gave me a small smile. He never used that expression around anyone. Last time I saw it on him was at the C.D.C.

He finished clearly missing some punctuation. It said in all caps,”SOPHIA STAY HERE WE WILL COME EVERYDAY.” I stood up and walked over to his newly finished piece. I took the brush from his hands and dabbed it some of the paint left on the hood. I gently swiped a comma after her name and periods at the end of the sentences.

Daryl let out a scoff. I glanced up at him to see him staring at the windshield. “We’ll find ‘er,” he nodded now turning to me. A put down the brush and then looked back at the weeds. A part of me wished she would just jump out and say it was a surprise like she was never even lost.
I then felt a hand clasp onto my shoulder gently. I turned to Daryl who gave me a sympathetic look. He squeezed my shoulder slightly and then headed back to the RV.


Day 20: The Most Intense Game of Jenga Ever Played


So, this is mostly Day 20, with a little Day 4 and some Day 26 thrown in for good measure!  I don’t have a good title for this one.  Also, I think I’ve figured out that Glenn Rhee is the muse in my head who makes me write these things.  He’s kind of evil.  Possibly NSFW…just be careful.

“TIMEOUT!  I need a moment with my player.”

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