~Rainy Days~

~Rainy Days~

“You’ve never walked out in the rain?” Daryl asked Carol as they stared out the window of the guard tower. Dark clouds loomed overhead giving the tight room a saddened look. She shook her head in response and rose the corner of her lip slightly. Daryl let out a sigh of disappointment and stared at his feet

“Why? You wanna try?” Carol shrugged her eyebrows at him. He let out a nervous laugh and glanced at her. “C’mon,” he sighed pushing off the wall of the guard tower. Carol followed him while biting her lip as they trudged down the stairs. Daryl opened the heavy door that led out and stepped to the side to let Carol pass. She rose her eyebrows at him, but took the offer.

The rain pelted her forehead sending chills down her spine. Daryl sped up his pace to walk beside her. “So, any good?” he smirked at her. Her face was scrunched at the feeling of wet clothes. She was sure that the others would wonder why they were taking their time. She nodded her head, but was being sarcastic. Daryl gave her a small smirk.

“Alright, enough of this,” Daryl sighed before shouldering his crossbow and placing his arms behind Carol’s knees and across her back. She let out a small scream as he lifted her to his chest. His clothes were soaked against her’s, but she didn’t mind. He quickened his pace to a jog towards Block D where their cells were.

Daryl kicked open the gate once they reached it and still jogged to through the building. He trudged up the metal stairs and walked towards the end of the line of cells where Carol’s was. Once he reached the doorway, he set her down carefully. “You best get out of those clothes or you’ll get sick,” he sighed before leaving her to change.

A small smirk played itself onto Carol’s lips. Now, she’ll give anything to have another rainy day watch with Daryl again.

~Hallelujah~ Part Two

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Daryl watched Rick’s back as he led them closer to wherever they were going. “Well, if they’re human, I hope they’re friendly,” Daryl snorted. Rick let out a sigh before they entered a clearing.

Green grass and tall pecan trees lay before them. They couldn’t take a few steps without stepping on a brown nut. Daryl bent down and picked up a pecan before cracking it open with his teeth. Inside was a tan colored nut. Daryl pinched it and popped it in his mouth. Glenn and Rick stared at him as he wiped the shell’s remains off of his hands.

Daryl’s gaze then went forward to see a figure moving before them. They held a bucket and walked away from them towards a well. “Carol?” Rick sighed. “Carol!” he now shouted waving his hands back and forth above his head. Carol turned around abruptly to see the three amigos staring at her. She dropped the bucket in her right hand and started running towards them. “Rick!” she shouted as she neared them. Carol lept into Rick’s open arms and nuzzled her face in his neck.

Rick wrapped his arms tightly around her back and shoved his face in her shoulder. Daryl felt empty even though he smirked at the reunion. “Why don’t ya’ll come inside,” Carol sighed as she wiped her eyes after letting Rick go. “Oh, the rest of us are waiting by the tracks,” Rick said motioning to the weeds that they just came from.

“I’ll go get ‘em,” Daryl sighed as he headed back into the shrubs. He followed the trail once more back to the remains of the group. He nodded his head in the direction that he came from indicating for them to follow. They said nothing as they held out their weapons afraid of an attack. Daryl brought them to the clearing to see Rick and the others heading towards the house.

They got to the front porch to see Tyreece, Judith, and the Samuels girls waiting for Carol to get back. Once Rick lay eyes on his child in Tyreece’s hands, he clutched onto her for dear life. Everyone smiled as they hugged each other after what seemed to be years.

~That Night~

Daryl sat on the dock by the well gazing at the water. His feet swung back and forth sometimes skimming the liquid beneath him. He couldn’t help but let salted tears roll off of his cheek. He thought he’d be the one that Carol would jump to. Maybe because Rick was the one to call her name. So many reasons ran through his head.

They haven’t even said a word to each other since they came. Maybe it was because she was busy with cooking and greeting everyone. Plus, it’s not like Daryl went out of his way to say hello.

“Mind if I join?” he heard Carol sigh. Daryl wiped the water from his eyes and turned around. Carol stood behind him with a sympathetic look. “No, no. C’mon,” he patted the space next to him. Carol took the seat without missing a beat. “I’m sorry…. for not telling you,” she sighed looking up at him.

Daryl avoided her gaze and stared at the water. The emptiness in his stomach kept nagging at him. “Why?” he furrowed his eyebrows at her. “Daryl, I couldn’t let them turn or the sickness spread, but it seems like it didn’t do much,” she hunched her shoulders as she grasped the edge of the dock.

“C’mere,” Daryl sighed pulling on Carol’s shoulders. She leaned in and nuzzled her face in his neck the way she did Rick. “All I’m worried about is keeping you alive,” he whispered into her hair. He felt her raise her head and gaze at him. That’s when the unexpected happened and Carol lay a kiss on his lips. Daryl was in shock at first, but realized what was going on. Without hesitation, he kissed her back with as much passion as she did.

Carol was the one to break away leaving him wanting more. “You too,” she smirked.

When Patrick very awkwardly thanks Daryl for the meal of a deer and asks to shake his hand, Daryl shoots a quick glance over at Carol before he exaggeratedly licks his fingers and shakes Patrick’s hands. Arguably, Daryl looking at Carol before licking his fingers and shaking Patrick’s hand is indicative that Daryl did it to make Carol laugh. That look could have been a non-verbal message of “Watch this. You’re gonna love this.” Carol does indeed laugh and she walks away….and Daryl watches her as she’s walking away…almost like he wanted to see if she was laughing at what he did. It’s not atypical behavior for someone who is attracted to another person to want to make that other person laugh (to try to create a closer bond).

Anonymous asked:

What about a story that involves Daryl and Carol being on their own (or with a few others, your call!) but instead of on land, they traveled to a shore and are trying to find an island by boat? Maybe Carol is the one who knows boats (from her family or something) and Daryl is the uneasy one, after always surviving off the land and being on land.

Hello, lovely anonymous. I hope this one satisfies what you were asking for.


«Land Ho!»

"So, where did you learn how to do all this?" Daryl asked her as she adjusted the ropes towards the bow. "Ed did a bunch of things and made sure I knew as much as he did," Carol confirmed as she smirked over her shoulder back at him.

“I’m guessing you know what the poop deck and all that is, right?” Daryl snorted as he took careful steps around the machinery in the small sail boat. “Yep, but this is a little bigger than what I’m used to,” Carol sighed before grasping onto Daryl’s shoulders and guiding herself to the boat’s wheel.

She grabbed the circle tightly and let go of her partner. “Since you’re a land boy and know nothing about sailing you should be in the bird’s nest,”she smirked,”But since we aren’t on a ship you can just sit in the front and look for some sand, okay?”

Daryl rolled his eyes and shuffled to the tip of the boat. Carol still smirked at him as he plopped down on a ledge near the front and stared back at her. “Do you think we’re gonna have enough gas to get to wherever we’re going?” Daryl asked crossing his arms and resting them on top of his knees.

“I dunno, but if we don’t you’ll have a new job,” Carol sighed once more.

“And what would that be?” Daryl narrowed his eyebrows at her.

She let out a small laugh before saying,”You’ll have to row us to shore.” Daryl shook his head trying not to let a small smile creep onto his lips. Daryl turned his head to gaze at the ocean behind him. A small black dot then appeared in the middle of his vision.

“Land ho,” he smirked before looking back at the smiling Carol.

~That Night~

Darkness was falling around them making the fire the only thing giving them visibility. They docked the small sail boat on the white sand and planned on sleeping in it later that night.

“If we only had a bottle of rum singing ‘A Pirate’s Life For Me’,” Carol sighed staring at the small bonfire in front of her. Daryl sat next to her looking at the same thing.

“I’m just glad to be back on land,” he said shifting his position. His statement made a small chuckle come from Carol. Daryl leaned back until the rest of his body hit the sand and put his hands behind his head.

Carol looked down at him to see him gazing at the stars above. She then felt a something wrap around her back pulling her down next to Daryl. She didn’t fight the force and let his arm move her. Carol now lay next to him watching him as he stared ahead.

“Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate’s life for me,” Daryl whispered/sang before he turned to Carol and lay a kiss on her forehead.